Become a member

Why be a member?

•    Government accreditation.
•    Special coaching course.
•    Part of the Australian karate Federation.
•    Opportunity to take part in NSW and national AKF endorsed tournaments.
•    Opportunity to represent Australia in Karate at international tournament and also to participate in the Olympics in the near future.
•    Participate in refereeing courses and gain referees Licenses for State, National, and International levels.

Requirements of membership

•    Properly qualified and accredited Instructors.
•    Acceptable teaching curriculum.
•    Balance between Kihon (basics), Kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).
•    Appropriate curriculum for men, women, and children.
•    Manifest discipline in classes.
•    Respect to Instructor and proper attitude of instructors and students.
•    Proper regard to safety factors during training.
•    Adequate safety and amenities in the dojo venue.
•    Acceptable criteria for learning, grading and development.
•    Ethics and conduct in the Dojo.

Click here for NSW application for new membership