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NSW Karate Federation Inc

Address: PO Box 300 Hoxton Park  NSW 2171
Mob: 0419270993
Email: admin @ akf-nsw . com
Public Officer/Manager: Wally Zahra
President: George Barounis
Vice President: Ian Basckin
Deputy President: George Wilson
Treasurer: Chris George
Secretary: Hani Zahra

Here you will find a list of the latest rules and regulations adopted by the WKF. Please ensure you are up to date and familiar with all the changes.


Anti-Doping Policy

WKF Rules regulations and commissions (English

WKF Organization Rules [2011]

WKF World Cup Organization Rules



Summary of Rules Modifications for Implementation January 2009 Eng

WKF Coach Lincence Manual [ENGLISH]


For a list of the most up to date inforamtion or to read them in other languages, please visit the WKF Website here.


Our uniform rules align strictly with the WKF requirements:

- Plain white karate gi without stripes or piping.
- The club emblem /badge may be worn on the left breast of the jacket and may not exceed an overall size of 12cm by 8cm
- Only the original manufacturer’s labels may be displayed on the gi.
- Identification issued & approved by Karate NSW may be worn on the back.
- One contestant must wear a red belt and the other a blue belt. The red and blue belts must be around five centimetres wide and of a length sufficient to allow fifteen centimetres free on each side of the knot. No embroidery may be on the belts or Gi.

Athletes must provide their own red and blue belts. Please refer to the WKF rules for a more detailed explanation.


Compulsory Protective equipment

The following Safety equipment is compulsory for all competitions endorsed by NSWKF

1. Groin Guards (Males) and Mouth guards and WKF/AKF/NSWKF approved red and blue Mitts - All competitors.
2. WKF/AKF/NSWKF approved red and blue combined Shin/Instep Protectors - All competitors.
3. WKF/AKF/NSWKF approved chest protection (Females - Cadets, Juniors & Seniors)
4. WKF/AKF/NSWKF approved face masks – Competitors 15 Years and Under
5. WKF/AKF/NSWKF approved body protectors - All competitors

All protective equipment must be in good condition.

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