The NSW Karate Federation

Who is the New South Wales Karate Federation Inc.?

The NSW Karate Federation is a non-profit body consisting of affiliates from different Karate styles and organizations. It is affiliated with the world Karate Federation through membership of the Australian Karate Federation Inc.

NSW Karate federation Inc is currently the only karate body registered and recognised by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation in the state of NSW.

Its major objectives are:

•    To support, develop and advance the practice of Karate throughout the communities in the state
•    To select, organise and support competitors in the State, National and International championships.
•    To promote the proper, healthy and lawful practice of Karate in Australia.
•    To prevent racial, religious or political discrimination or distinction amongst participants of art in the state.

Furthermore, it provides an indication on Credibility

To preserve the standard of Karate in being accepted by the federation after they have met the stringent requirements set. The community and members can therefore have some reliance, on the endorsement of the NSWKF Inc, to indicate that the affiliated club practices karate of an acceptable standard and observes good ethics.

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